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An Austro-Hungarian WWI campaign for Panzer General (DOS)


What is k. u. k. anyway?

K. u. k. is the abbreviation of the German kaiserliche und konigliche i.e. Imperial and Royal, referring to the dual monarchy of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The ruler was the Emperor of Austria and the King of Hungary at the same time.

Is K. u. k. General a stand alone game or what?

No. To play it you need to have Panzer General (DOS) by SSI and then overwrite the old files with the contents of the zip.

Is this campaign compatible with Panzer General (Windows)?

Unfortunately, it is not.

Once I had it, but where can I get Panzer General (DOS) now?

See the links.

O.K. I installed it but my mouse is way too slow, and the screen scrolls too fast.

It is because PG (DOS) is not fully compatible with Windows XP. To run it properly you may want to use DOSBOX, a freeware DOS emulator (see links). For more information contact the readme.txt within the zip.

This campaign is too hard for me.

Try harder. Or, alternatively, you can download a save game editor to increase the prestige points. Also note that there are a few scenarios which are very hard to win, if at all possible. This is done due to historical accuracy. Remember that Austria-Hungary eventually lost the war and changing history is not an easy task.

I cannot purchase transports in 1918.

By 1918 Austria-Hungary run out of resources and many horses were eaten by hungry soldiers.